Why Freedom 251 website down -When will be the website up.


How to open freedom251.com and book smartphone online. Is freedom 251 website down or up? When to book freedom 251 online?

Smartphone company Ringing bell has announced Freedom 251 which is the cheapest smartphone ever. It costs Rs 251 and shipping charge of Rs 40. So you will get a complete smartphone for just Rs. 291. The smartphone has a 4.0-inch display. It has 1 GB RAM and latest Android 5.1. It has all latest specifications.

The company announced that they will launch the smartphone on 18 February 2016 at 6:00 am. It was very much expected that several people visit their website. But, visitors crossed from 150 visitors per second to 10k to 20k visitor per second. As website can’t handle that many visitors so, it has crashed. But, still people keep on checking the website.

Well, some people have started claiming this freedom 251 sale similar to Flipkart sale. In Flipkart, online sale product was sold just when they appeared. But, I would say keep checking the website.

The company Ringing Bell is trying hard to get the website back and continue the sale of the smartphone. So, I would recommend you to stay online as the website can go live anytime. Don’t miss this opportunity and buy this smartphone for Rs 251/-.


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